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2011-11-01 00:31:46 by Mortician97

It really sucks sometimes. Gotta find a new place to live soon. Its good though.

Music Announcement

2011-01-10 01:51:19 by Mortician97

Music Announcement: In the Demonological stylings of my horrorcore homie ( rith
), I shall begin releasing all my Rap/Horrorcore tracks under the name "Andras",The Killer Of Man

Collab Finished

2010-12-21 14:47:25 by Mortician97

This is exciting everyone! Just finished recording my part and mixing the Collab with Baal Berith (aka EpicFail), and im happy with the results. Havent thought on uploading it here yet, but it will be on his new CD release. So stay on your toes with that one!

Edit: Its Up!! Peep this shit


Collabo Time!!

2010-12-18 09:42:17 by Mortician97

Been working with Baal Berith (aka EpicFail) on some horrorcore tunes. He is pretty twiztid, and if its your bag, you should really check out his Audio Portal Entries


2010-12-16 14:14:13 by Mortician97

Just got the scanned pictures back from ft. I havent even finished character design, but im starting design on the actual flash today. Lets get ready for the ridiculousness to ensue.


2010-12-15 14:22:22 by Mortician97

Just finished the storyboard for final project. It involves something mysterious!!!

Starting work

2010-12-14 16:31:49 by Mortician97

Starting work on a flash movie about "Teamwork" for my college class. It has to have a "comic book-y" type feel to it, im thinking, "Super Friends Stop A Bomb Threat" ish.... Any ideas, hit me up