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Collabo Time!!

2010-12-18 09:42:17 by Mortician97

Been working with Baal Berith (aka EpicFail) on some horrorcore tunes. He is pretty twiztid, and if its your bag, you should really check out his Audio Portal Entries


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2010-12-18 17:45:25

Woo, free promotion!
Haha, thanks amigo.
Did you check out the lyrics I sent you? PM me about when you want to start, beginning or after my part, etc etc etc.
You can mix and master right? I can't remember what you said about that.
I got a lot of tracks in progress right now, extremely busy and a few collabs to do already... Collab with you is coming first though, that is the most important in my eyes right now.
I got two other collabs to do about this one, if this track can go on my full length album coming out, then it would make releasing it a lot easier as it's another track down when I need 6-7 more total.
Shooting towards 18 tracks on it.

Let me know, send me a PM.


2010-12-25 12:04:50

Merry Christmas!